Helen McKay and Berice Dudley

Authors, Accredited Public Speakers, and Workshop Facilitators,
Promoting Happiness and the Art of Living, through Links to Your Happiness, Riotous Riddles, About Storytelling and Gadi Mirrabooka, an appreciation of our indigenous people’s culture.

“Gadi Mirrabooka” includes 33 Aboriginal stories, told by 3 Aboriginal story custodians: Francis Firebrace, the late June E. Barker, and the late Pauline McLeod, and compiled and edited by Helen McKay. Gadi Mirrabooka is published as part of a world series of indigenous stories, by Libraries Unlimited (USA).

“About Storytelling”, (Second edition), is co-authored by storytellers: Helen McKay and Berice Dudley, who offer storytelling, & writing workshops for writing groups, seminars for teachers, colleges, community groups, in Australia.

About Storytelling” is a practical guide, teachers can adapt to enhance their own storytelling techniques, as well as to encourage this skill in their pupils.”
                                                                        Melanie Winthrop, NZ Education Review.

“Riotous Riddles” by Helen McKay and Berice Dudley – 501 fun riddles to keep young back seat passengers settled, preventing them from fighting – or – continually asking: “Are we there yet?” on long journeys. Riddles are a great literacy encouragement for children who are learning to read.

“Links to Your Happiness ” by Helen McKay, is a book that promotes a positive focus for happier living. Links to Your Happiness, offers a simple strategy, to help people discover what makes them happy. This information gives insight into ways to enhance their existence.

The book explores happiness – and its antithesis – unhappiness, the way stress affects our bodies and outlook, the perfection trap, our perceptions, the importance of laughter, the psychological benefits of colour and use of creative space. It suggests a simple strategy, to help people gain a happier, more positive focus for living.

Helen says: “To be happy we need to refocus: to appreciate the miniscule, joyful, everyday occurrences that delight us and help develop a positive attitude.”

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